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How Can We Add Value To Your Life?

We are your trusted partners here to assist in vetting out comprehensive communication and technology integration solutions for today's fast-paced and highly competitive business network. We partner with you to design tailored solutions that help your company optimize and leverage its technology assets. 

Our Services

Our Services

WLT Unlimited specializes in deploying advanced technology solutions that align with your broader communications platform while lowering operating expenses. Whether you’re interested in cloud migration or if it’s time to overhaul your business phone systems, our experts are ready to help.

We begin every project with a free, no-obligation options analysis that provides you with an in-depth assessment of all project possibilities. Our team packages all options that align with your goals and budget then presents them to your team. When you partner with WLT Unlimited, we work to ensure you have everything you need to make a smart business decision before you ever undertake an IT or

telecom project.

Cloud Solutions

Are you working with antiquated technology? WLT Unlimited can help you pivot foward with various cloud solutions. Our experts and trusted advsiors can assist you with managed cloud solutions, SaaS, IaaS, Security, Firewall, Colocation, and Hosting.

Managed IT Services

WLT Unlimited wants to be an extention of your IT team. We work side by side with your team to improve operations, funtionality, and cut expenses. We win together.

Communication Services

We have the skills to handle all of your communications needs. Our experts will assist you with your communications prerequisites such as UCaaS, Contact Centers, Hosted Phone Systems, Hosted Phone Systems and more. WLT Unlimited is  your solutions partner. 

Cloud Desktop

Does your company need a solution to integrate your remote workers around the world? WLT Unlimited is ready and able to assist you every step of the step of the way. Our seamless solutions and team of experts are here to help you reach success.

Network Solutions

WLT Unlimited provides  you with a reliable infrastructure which provides valuable assets that allows you  to grow and expand without system failuer. We partner with the leading technology providers to ensure you receive quality services throughout the entire process. Partnerships created from the beginning. 

Telecom/Tech Providers

The days of overpaying for telecom service is a thing of the past. WLT Unlimited utilizes a no cost consultation approach to optimizes your technology. We  leverage our experts and partnerships to bring you the best cost effective solutions which prepares you for the ever changing world of technology. We are in it together.

Upcoming Cyber Security Awareness Event

Updated Cyber Security Flyer.png

   Cyber Security Is At An All-Time High.
                Is Your Network Secure?


Connect with our team of experts who will begin by gaining a deeper understanding of your organization’s needs and workflows. We will then improve the conventional service experience with next-level support, project management, and expense management to transform your technology platform from a must-have into your most valuable asset. You are your business and we want to keep you protected. 

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