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Are you uncertain about the distinction between colocation services and cloud resources? Cloud services generally allow you to take a more hands-off approach to your cloud services. With a public cloud solution, your service provider typically dictates how network resources and equipment are managed, secured, and allocated at an off-site data center. However, your organization has a dedicated, virtualized server partition to keep data secure and separate from other cloud users.

A colocation service, on the other hand, allows your organization to take a more hands-on approach to how network resources and equipment are managed. Because a colocation data center provides the underlying infrastructure for your organization’s dedicated servers, you have total control of how servers are managed, secured, and upgraded. You’re merely paying for the physical space to host servers off-site.


If you’ve been disappointed by network reliability or slowed by the limitations of on-site network infrastructure, WLT Unlimited is here to help with a customized colocation and network hosting solution. To start clarifying goals and exploring your options, contact our experts today.

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