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Our team utilizes a hands-on approach, providing end-to-end project management. From structured cabling to hardware procurement and installation, we ensure your network sets you up for success.

Our team fosters long-term relationships with all of our partners to ensure ongoing success. Our support services include 24/7 live support and network performance management, while our experts continually look for opportunities to scale network resources as you grow.


WLT Unlimited takes pride in using a vendor-neutral approach to deliver precisely what you need and nothing you don’t with the ideal blend of internet services for your operations. Whether you’re trying to decide how much bandwidth you need for a 200-room hotel or you need an improved quality of Service for a Hosted PBX Solution, we can identify and deploy the right solution to meet your needs.

Today’s businesses demand a more agile network. A network that can provide faster speeds, better security and lowering operating costs. Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is designed to meet these demands. Transforming the way businesses manage network traffic and connect local networks at multiple locations across the globe. WLT Unlimited is committed to ensuring your organization doesn’t get left behind by deploying a virtualized network architecture that maximizes bandwidth and network visibility while centralizing network administration. We can even implement a performance monitoring platform that unifies network functions at your fingertips.

Let WLT Unlimited help you take control of your network. With a Multiprotocol label Switching (MPLS) network, you prioritize the data flowing through your network. By centralizing the management environment you can lower hardware costs, improve bandwidth utilization and provide a higher level of security to your organization. Our team will provide comprehensive solutions from our network of trusted MPLS providers. With our zero-cost approach and commitment to finding you the best solution at the best price, we help lower your overhead costs while growing your bottom line.

WLT Unlimited offers a full range of network mobility solutions, including wireless service, wireless internet, wireless equipment, and cloud-based productivity platforms, to keep every member of your team on the same page, no matter where work takes them.

Looking for ways to collect, manage, and deliver data in ways never before possible? We also design and deploy tailored internet of things (IoT) packages that virtually eliminate any of the conventional network barriers you may be experiencing.

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